AOA Security – the company

AOA Security was founded in 2004. Its aim is to support society in combating rising crime and the increased threat of terrorism by providing specialist knowledge and facilities.

Our approach – avoidance through prevention

AOA Security’s unique concept introduces a completely new approach to security: an optimised, end-to-end security concept that focuses on existing resources and people's behaviour rather than technical equipment. We outline the principles and conventions of correct behaviour, before selecting and implementing the necessary technology.


Analysis of countless criminal and terrorist incidents shows that the victims’ behaviour before the event is critical. The findings show that the majority of attacks could have been prevented with a different behavioural response.
Nearly 90% of all robberies start with reconnaissance. Information is the basis for a criminal’s plan, and the quality of their planning depends on the quality of the information they are able to collect. Awareness is the best way to stop criminals obtaining the information they need.
Your employees can modify their behaviour to ensure potential dangers are identified in advance and possible damage is prevented.
In reality the risk of attack can only be reduced by removing the opportunity for it to take place. Once an attack begins, the main objective must be damage limitation.

Managing Director

Ariel Ohev Ami, 45, is a former Israeli Secret Service security officer. He has over 22 years of experience and expertise in preventing and combating crime and terrorism.

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