Services – What we offer

Public bodies, companies and private individuals

  • Analysing potential threats
  • Evaluating existing security levels and systems, and formulating behavioural and technical recommendations (as applicable)
  • Developing security concepts
  • Supporting implementation of recommendations
  • Ensuring compliance with recommendations

Events, delegations and private persons

  • Security concepts


  • Risk-avoidance training
  • Training management and employees, as well as private individuals in counteracting security risks and crime

AOA Security works for

  • National and international companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Retailer (high-end fashion stores, jewellers, etc.)
  • Hotels
  • National and international organisations

Our Approach

  1. Detailed analysis of the assignment/client background
  2. Risk assessment – identifying significant risks, dangers and fears?
  3. Preparation of a security plan covering people and technical equipment
  1. Training clients (and all those affected by potential threats) in appropriate responses and risk-avoidance techniques
  2. Supporting implementation of recommendations
  3. Ensuring compliance with recommendations