Time to act

The prospect of falling victim to an act of terror or other form of attack is terrifying and unimaginable. We like to reassure ourselves that it will never happen to us, but we live in uncertain times and there are no guarantees. This is a reality we have to face up to – especially companies and organisations. Event organisers, companies and public institutions all bear responsibility for the safety of their visitors, customers and employees.

The AOA Security approach to crime prevention is based on the correct actions of every individual. Since 2004 companies and organisations in Austria and abroad have been turning to AOA for security consulting services such as specially designed security plans and training for executives and employees.

Founder and Managing Director Ariel Ohev-Ami is a former Israeli secret service security officer and draws on more than 30 years of hands-on experience in counter terrorism and crime prevention.

Our approach

We think there is more to security than just security guards and cameras on every corner. Effective behaviour management goes a long way to ensuring that many crimes are not committed in the first place – avoiding a lot of damage and anguish for everyone concerned. As well as leading to the loss of tangible and intangible assets, an incident will often strike a blow to people’s fundamental sense of trust and security.

This is where AOA comes in with specialist consulting and security plans tailored in every detail to your requirements.  In our training sessions and workshops we will show you how to avoid risks, enhance the general day-to-day sense of security and behave correctly in dangerous situations. This is the basis of our approach to security – which in Austria is unique to us. Technology and security personnel are then deployed to optimise arrangements, and play an important supporting role. It is people and their individual behaviour that always takes centre stage.

Our services

Our specially tailored services are founded on a comprehensive survey of the existing security set-up, and supplemented by background checks.

  • Security plans
 for businesses, public institutions, events, delegations and private individuals
  • Reality checks of security measures (e.g. a simulated bank robbery)
  • Realistic training sessions and workshops on risk avoidance
  • Consultation on tendering processes for security technology and security guarding services
  • Investigation and analyses relating to corporate crime
  • Assistance with the implementation of technical security measures.

When selecting security guarding and technology partners, we pay particular attention to trustworthiness and discretion.


Integrity and confidentiality are absolutely essential in the security business. This is why we do not name the companies and organisations who we work for.

Suffice it to say that our clients include domestic and international financial service providers, high-profile cultural institutions, manufacturers and service companies, event organisers, luxury stores and jewellers, hotels, domestic and international organisations and high-risk private individuals.

About us

Our founder and Managing Director Ariel Ohev-Ami was a security officer in the Israeli secret service for 20 years, an officer in the Yaman counter-terrorism unit and a security officer at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years. Before going freelance in 2004, he was head of security at the Israeli embassies is Argentina and Austria.


Ariel Ohev-Ami

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Managing Director
Ariel Ohev-Ami

Weimarerstraße 3/1
1180 Vienna, Austria
+43 664 395 00 00

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